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Đánh giá: 7/10 từ 17540 lượt
Đọc truyện Đại Học Cổng Bảo Vệ Lão Đổng Full.Văn Án :Tác giả: ptdacthanhThể loại: Truyện KhácTrạng thái: Đang raSố chương: 48Nguồn: wattpad.comNgày đăng: 16 Giờ trướcCập nhật: 16 Giờ trước Title: The Senior Gatekeeper of Old Dong UniversityAuthor: ptdacthanhGenre: OtherThis is the first installment of a series originally written in an adult, mature genre. The story is a significant account of a kind, enthusiastic young man, part of a group of five charming teachers, who becomes entrapped in darkness and falls a deep and profound abyss. The footprints left deeply engraved, lost in the wilderness during thunderstorms and sunshine. This work is still in its preliminary stage, with no fixed schedule for updates and the setting is subject to change based on mood, circumstance and weather conditions. **********************************************************This story, titled "The Senior Gatekeeper of Old Dong University", was originally written in an adult genre that focuses on significant and mature experiences. The plot revolves around a kind and devoted young man who is one of five charismatic teachers. He becomes caught in darkness and falls into a deep abyss, leaving behind deep footprints that are lost in the thunderstorms and sunshine of the wilderness. This work is still a work in progress and updates are not scheduled, with the setting being dependent on mood, circumstance, weather, and lunar calendar. **********************************************************All rights reserved.

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