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Đánh giá: 8/10 từ 19230 lượt
Đọc truyện Cưới Nhầm Thái Tử Full.Văn Án :Tác giả: Lệ Chi Dữ TửuThể loại: Ngôn Tình, Cổ Đại, Truyện Khác, Trọng SinhTrạng thái: Đang raSố chương: 14Nguồn: luvevaland.coNgày đăng: 4 Giờ trướcCập nhật: 4 Giờ trước Mộc Tình Tiêu, the daughter of the wealthiest man in Ninh Chau, was kind and talented but was taken advantage of by her closest confidant and forced into a disastrous marriage. After losing everything and living a tragic life, she is transported back in time before her marriage and wants to control of her life.She uncovers the true intentions of her confidant, and seeks a kind and pure-hearted husband to protect her familys assets and live a peaceful life. She meets Cố Diễn, a gentle and kind-hearted young man despite his tragic and lowly background, and he becomes a perfect candidate for her husband.However, on the eve of their wedding day, Cố Diễn mysteriously disappears, leaving only a note with two words: "Divine Prince." Soon after, news spreads that the Emperor’s beloved son, the Divine Prince, has fallen seriously ill and has appointed him as the heir to the throne.Mộc Tình Tiêu, living in Ninh Chau, is worried about her fiancé and feels helpless. She gets kidnapped by bandits but is saved by a passing swordsman, leaving Cố Diễn to defend himself with only a heavy sword, causing him much pain.Later, Mộc Tình Tiêu and Cố Diễn would become the rulers of the kingdom, and Cố Diễn would carry the weight of the world on his shoulders right alongside Mộc Tình Tiêu.The beloved Divine Prince, weighed down by heavy burdens, lay alone and shivering in the night. He spoke honestly to Mộc Tình Tiêu: "Im afraid you wont like me this way, and that you wont need me anymore."In a nutshell: The pure-hearted Divine Prince falls from a horse and becomes the savior of Mộc Tình Tiêu, leading to a romantic love affair involving palace intrigue, resurrection, and a thrilling adventure.

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